Technology — 06 December 2020

Google is here to come up with a new year treat for all Android users, with its Android 8.1 version that is expected to be coming soon in December. The new update would enable the Pixel Visual Core for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

It is a co-processor that increases the speed of processing HDR photos and also securing the excessive use of battery of your phone.

More specifically this update will make your phone five times faster while utilizing less than one tenth of the total energy.

In case you are missing out Google’s latest Pixel devices, you can still latest features for your device in the update to 8.1. But how? Because it should bring security patches, bug fixes, and a new Neural Networks API, that is designed to quicken on-device machine intelligence.

Moreover, the new game in the world of smartphones is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and this battle has already begun with Huawei Mate 10 and iPhone X boasting AI features.

Exciting changes made to Android 8.1

Some changes have also been made as part of Android 8.1.

  • For instance, you’ll get access to seeing the battery levels of connected Bluetooth devices on the Bluetooth settings screen.


  • Secondly, there’ll be less chance of screen burn-in because the status bar will change color in some apps.


  • Finally, designing of several emoji has been changed.


About Android Oreo:

Google has also fashioned the Android Oreo (Go edition). It is a light-weight version. It includes improvements to performance and storage, latest Google apps and a tuned variant of Play Store which informs about apps designed to work well on your device.

The enhanced features will help loading of apps up to 15% more faster resulting in protection of more than 600MB data per year. Despite these improvements, it offers same security features as that of full fat Android 8.1.

The users of Nexus and Pixel could get their new Android version any time.


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