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انٹربینک مارکیٹ میں ڈالر کی قیمت میں اضافہ

 ملکی زرمبادلہ کے ذخائر میں اضافے کے باوجود مارکیٹ میں ڈالر کی قیمت میں اضافہ دیکھا گیا اور ڈالر 110 روپے تک پہنچ گیا۔ انٹربینک مارکیٹ فاریکس مارکیٹ میں کاروبار کے آغاز سے ڈالر کی مانگ [...]

Pak Suzuki’s latest Cultus with Automatic Transmission System.

The new automatic transmission variant is launched after about seven months unveiling of the manual variant of the same vehicle. The latest version with Automatic Transmission system is Rs. 1.528 Million. The price of manual version [...]

Car-Nival 2017 delights automobile enthusiasts.

The appeal of vintage cars has always drawn Karachiites out from the comfort of their homes, even if it’s a Sunday and this weekend was no different. Hundreds of automobile aficionados turned up at the city’s [...]

Rs10m stolen from 559 bank accounts in ATM Fraud.

KARACHI: A private bank has confirmed that hundreds of its bank accounts were hacked through ATM (automated teller machine) cards as Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) officials said on Monday they were waiting for more details before [...]

E-commerce in Pakistan expected to boost to $1 billion by 2020: Report.

ISLAMABAD: The size of Pakistan’s e-commerce market — one of the most important drivers of the digital sector — is expected to grow up to $1 billion by 2020, a report reveals, citing current trends as [...]