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Pakistan will send astronauts to space in 2 years: Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman.

Pakistan will be sending astronauts to space in two years with the help from China. He said the purpose of education system must be to introduce latest technologies and contribute something positive for the betterment of [...]

Azerbaijan to order Super Mushak primary trainer aircraft from Pakistan.

Azerbaijan and Pakistan will sign an agreement on the purchase of Super Mushshak primary trainer aircraft, according to Azerbaijani Foreign Minister. It is a primary trainer aircraft. Besides primary flying training, it is also suited for [...]

Android 8.1 - here’s what you need to know about this updated Version

Google is here to come up with a new year treat for all Android users, with its Android 8.1 version that is expected to be coming soon in December. The new update would enable the Pixel [...]

Apple’s CEO says developers have earned $17 billion from China App Store.

Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook said developers using its platform in China number 1.8 million and have earned a total $16.93 billion, representing roughly a quarter of total global App Store earnings. Cook shared the data [...]

Beware - hackers are going after ATMs in Pakistan.

Bank customers became the subject of stress and inconvenience as a number of ATM users reported fraudulent activity, complaining of unauthorized withdrawals from their accounts and blockage of plastic cards after reports surfaced of a wide-scale [...]