IBA’s foreign faculty member ‘flees’ Pakistan dodging harassment probe

Dr Tiago Ferreira Lopes left course mid-way, citing family emergency.

In another sexual harassment saga stemming out of Pakistan’s top-notch educational institute, a foreign faculty member of the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi, has mysteriously left Pakistan, shying away from a probe underway against him.

Dr Tiago Ferreira Lopes, a Portugese national, had been alleged of seeking sexual favours from the male students, following which a case was prepared against him.

Instead of proceeding the case as per legal injunctions, the educator was forced to resign, a source privy to the episode revealed in a conversation with Express Tribune.

He added that Dr Lopes was quietly asked to leave the country after it was verified that he was continuously abusing his position to demand sexual favours.

The developments have baffled the rights activists as the source in question confirmed that the varsity administration has documentary evidence including closed-circuit television camera footage as well as Whatsapp messages proving charges against Dr Lopes.

One of the students, who was taking Dr Lopes political communication and comparative politics course, revealed that the scholar used to invite students to his place and offered them wine and that the harassment was ongoing from months.

Another student substantiated harassment claims and expressed that Dr Lopes would invite male students to his living quarters and demand sexual favours in exchange for better grades.

“He would also host parties for students and encourage them to stay at his residence, in violation of IBA rules,” the student decried.

The foreign national also surprised the students as he left the course midway, though a formal complaint was registered by a group of students with Dr Huma Baqai who ordered action against Dr Lopes.

The university administration allegedly tried to water down the mysterious return of Dr Lopes by citing the visa woes, however, sources cast aspirations over the stated core cause, saying the travel complications were being used as a cover-up.

When Dr Lopes was contacted through Facebook, he claimed to have left the varsity due to a family emergency, saying ‘family comes first and one cannot plan family emergencies’.

Meanwhile, Dr Baqai accepted the sexual harassment allegations but hastened to add that no formal inquiry has been launched.

Baqai, who is also a political analyst and shows up on TV screen, explained that Dr Lopes was asked to appear before the varsity’s harassment committee, which she was heading, after which he immediately resigned.

She confirmed that Dr Lopes’ visa was expiring, but it was not renewed as he had already resigned and left Pakistan.

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