UAE hands over India’s most wanted terrorist to Pakistan

Indian agencies have suffered a major setback as authorities in UAE have handed over one of the most wanted Indian terror suspect and mastermind to Pakistan.

According to sources, one of India’s most wanted terrorists Farukh Devdiwala was recently nabbed in Dubai, has now been handed over to Pakistan.

Devdiwala was accused of conspiracy in the murder of late Gujarat Home Minister Haren Pandya and various other cases.

A member of the Arjun gang from Musafirkhana, Devdiwala worked closely with Salim Kutta.

Devdiwala was apprehended on inputs of Indian agencies and Pakistan had claimed that he was not an Indian but a Pakistani national, based on which the UAE authorities reportedly handed him over to Pakistan.

The Indian authorities were probing a terror module run by Devdiwala along with Pakistan’s ISI involved in recruiting terrorists and training then to launch attacks on the Indian soil.

Two such terror suspects were nabbed by Maharashtra ATS in the month of May from Mumbai and Gandhinagar .

Both these suspects had undergone training in Pakistan based terror camps and had returned to India reportedly to launch terror attacks. Some of the targets included top political leaders and establishments .

Pakistan has used the same Modus operandi that they had used while trying to gain custody of Munna Jhibgada, the alleged shooter who shot underworld don Chota Rajan in Bangkok on orders of Dawood Ibrahim.

The case is still pending in a Thailand court despite Mumbai police providing fingerprints, dossier of Jhibgada to the Thai court.

Pakistan has been claiming that Jhibgada is a Pakistani national and the same Modus operandi was used in UAE for seeking Devdiwala’s custody. The deportation reportedly was done a week ago.

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