Video: Why are USA and NATO afraid of Russia’s Iskandar-M Weapon System ???

Why are USA and NATO afraid of Russia’s Iskandar-M Weapon System ??? It has no shortage of admirers including Poland, Turkey as well as militant groups in Syria. Iskandar-M is a Mobile Short-Range Tactical Ballistic Missile System with a reported range of 500km.

Courtesy: Technology World

It has a speed of Mach-6 to 7 with flight altitude up to 6 to 50km. It is a Nuclear-Capable Stealth Missile controlled at all stages not ballistic flight path. Immediately after the launch and upon approach to the target the missile performs intensive maneuvering to evade anti-ballistic missiles.

The missile constantly manoeuvres during flight as well. The missile has several different conventional warheads, including a cluster munitions warhead, a fuel-air explosive enhanced-blast warhead, a high explosive-fragmentation warhead, an earth penetrator for bunker busting and an electromagnetic pulse device for anti-radar missions.

It is equipped with inertial and optical guidance systems for improved firing accuracy and an electro-optical seeker for self-homing capabilities.

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