Tehran Accuses US of Using Embassies for Espionage

Earlier, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused Iran of using its embassies in other countries to organize acts of terrorism and urged all countries to carefully check all Iranian diplomats.

Tehran has accused the US of using its embassies for espionage and subversive activities, Bahram Kasemi, an official representative of the Iranian Foreign Ministry said.

“Pompeo makes these groundless accusations amid various testimonies published by a range of sources that point to the participation of US embassies in espionage and destructive moves, where hundreds of military and security personnel work under diplomatic cover,” Kasemi said.

According to him, in modern history, there are proven examples of US embassies interfering in the internal affairs of their host countries and undermining the relations of these countries with other states.

Earlier, Mike Pompeo said that Iranians in Europe were arrested for preparing to conduct a terror plot in Paris. An Iranian diplomat in Vienna was allegedly involved in a terror plot to bomb an Iranian opposition group rally in France on June 30.

He added that the US urges countries to make proper decisions about their own security and to stay vigilant.

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